Oeno Gallery: Colour Break

Oeno Gallery launched its annual antidote to winter on Saturday 2 February: “Colour Break” with selected works by established painters Aron Hill, Burton Cramer, Victor Mitic, Scott Pattinson, Malcolm Rains, and Alice Teichert.



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Contrasting with their two-dimensional creations are the hyper-realist sculptures of Carole Feuerman who is new to the gallery. 



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Her pieces possess a cool retro vibe, think 1950’s swimsuits, but are unnerving in their exacting verisimilitude…strands of hair respond to the slightest of air currents and one finds it hard to banish the suspicion that they may actually be alive, as if tableau vivant.

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Who does not need a refreshing and re-energizing burst of colour to restore their emaciated winter chilled souls? 



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Oeno is the most preeminent contemporary art gallery between Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto and is thoughtfully located next to one of The County’s most revered wineries, Huff Estates, and a glass of wine is offered to gallery visitors. If you like the wine, you can pop over to the tasting room and order a bottle or a case.  You can even stay overnight at Huffs Inn. In more clement times a stroll round Oeno’s sculpture garden is a must and being licensed, allows the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine during your visit.

Check out the show on the website at www.oenogallery.com and then visit in person.

Jeff Keary
Grapevine Magazine



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