Herma Celebrates 25 years of Style

For any business, just surviving “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” is a cause for celebration, but achieving a twenty fifth anniversary must be considered a significant milestone....

JT Winik at Studio 22, Kingston

Enigma Variations: or “The Beauty of Awkwardness.” Since my last visit to Studio 22 a lot has happened, with the completion of the renovations alluded to in our article of fall 2016. Uniting the...

Quinta Do Conde

“A 19th Century Farm operating in the 21st Century.” Two of the bravest people I have ever met, Joaquim and Amor Conde, left regular careers in the city of Toronto to pursue the chance farming in...

Introducing the Lexus RX L

Sometime ago I pitched the idea to Aaron Bedard, General Sales Manager of Lexus Kingston, that there could be merit in having a car review written by an ordinary couple taking a “his” and “hers,”...

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