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The What, Where, When, and Why of Grapevine Magazine.

What is Grapevine Magazine:

Grapevine Magazine is a high quality magazine, with high production values, that focuses on Art, Culture, Food, Wine and Current Affairs.

Where is Grapevine Magazine:

Grapevine Magazine is distributed from Kingston all along the coast to Whitby, to Port Perry, Lindsay and Peterbrough, over to Warkworth, Campbellford and Madoc and Prince Edward County. We print 30,000 copies…more than our competitors.

Subscribers of the Globe and Mail in the above geography receive a copy of Grapevine Magazine. (5000 copies.)

When is Grapevine Magazine:

Grapevine Magazine is published quarterly at the end of March, mid June and mid September and at the beginning of December.

Why Grapevine Magazine:

Grapevine Magazine’s purpose is to promote its advertisers’ businesses and increase awareness and revenue. It achieves this aim by presenting an unbeatable package of attractive adverts with attractive, pertinent content. People read Grapevine Magazine from cover to cover and retain it.

Why does Grapevine succeed:

Grapevine unites relevant ads with relevant content as far as possible. Grapevine Magazine is more popular than its competitors.

Grapevine is distributed by its own management and staff. This ensures it is done properly.

Grapevine Magazine has distinctive racks which are monitored and replenished very regularly. A great effort is made to top up racks prior to holiday weekends.

Take a look through our back issues and see the volume of repeat business…that speaks for itself.

Grapevine Magazine is a winning combination of the best distribution, the best print run and the best content … quite simply your best choice for print advertising.

Grapevine Team

Tracey C. Keary

Publisher/Head of Sales
O: 613-779-8933
C: 613-243-0079

Jeff Keary

Editor Imagineer/ Distribution enquiries
C: 613-922-0790

 Mark Bishop

Accounts Executive
C: 613-438-1760

Michelle Stoppa

Accounts Executive
C: 289-251-4578

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