The Art Gallery of Northumberland: WALL GAZING

The Art Gallery of Northumberland presents WALL GAZING by Dimitri Paptheodorou until March 17.


20190126 134236

Evolving from architectural drawings and maquettes, WALL GAZING represents a new form of expression for Paptheodorou.


20190126 134127

A central column of 3D constructions is corralled by paintings both large and small in scale, utterly minimalist in subject and of minimal  but concentrated rich deep color.


 20190126 134131

The beautifully restricted palette manifest the effects of subtle illuminations in multiple layers of paint applications or glazes: a technique borrowed from the old masters.



 20190126 134050

In contrast, the sculptures are colorful, though entirely matt in finish, but adorned with graffiti-like markings and designs, as if abraded into the surface by an unknown ancient civilization.


 20190126 134251

The paintings emit a compelling luminescence with their lighter facets emerging as if from a subterranean murk, or as a developing photograph in a dark room.

Deeply mysterious and totally compelling, definitely a case of less is more.


Jeff Keary, Editor.


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