A Tiring Day with Grapevine

Well, yesterday did not get off to the best of starts.  Loading up for a day of distributing Grapevine, we noticed one rear tire was totally flat.  So flat in fact that it couldn’t be driven down the road to a garage.
To the rescue came neighbour Brian who pumped it up with a portable inflator and doused it with soapy water revealing the problem…a roofing nail totally embedded in the tire.
Phoned around for a garage to effect a repair and Fast Freddy’s offered timely help.
I’ve never seen a tire repaired in this way before.  The mechanic inserted a plug of rubber into the hole with a special tool and pulled it through, snipped off most of the end and set fire to remainder to seal it perfectly.
The whole process took 5 minutes !!!!
Thanks to our neighbour Brian and the staff at Fast Freddy’s we had a productive day.

Jeff E Keary
Editor Imagineer
C: 613-922-0790

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