Lake Scugog Studio Tour

Lake Scugog Studio Tour…Join a Creative Journey.

Spring has been a long time coming and I think I’m developing symptoms of cabin fever.  What’s the best antidote for cabin fever? Some work in the garden? Well, it should have warmed up a bit, but still not warm enough for planting.  I’d vote for an art tour, with the chance to get out and about, meet artists in their lairs, engage in illuminating conversation and enjoy their creations.

Coming up shortly is the Lake Scugog Studio Tour.  May 4 and 5 are the dates to remember and its twenty sites are open from 11 to 5.  From an idea conceived by just three people, the tour has evolved over the years to a current membership of fifty artists and artisans.  In just a few short weeks the event will celebrate its twentieth anniversary, which is quite an achievement for a volunteer-run organization.

The tour has an inner and outer circle, one in town focusing on Port Perry artists and the other offering the opportunity to explore the nearby countryside. Why not take a day to visit the central sites, stay over to enjoy the delights of a night in Port Perry, which is not lacking in attractions, and attack the outer circle the following day?


With the works of over fifty artists on show in a wide variety of media, from ceramics to photography, print making, paintings in oils, acrylic, watercolour and encaustic, three dimensional works in metal, wood and stone, as well as fabric, fibre arts and weaving, jewellery, glass and ink and even someone making flutes, there’s definitely going to be something to please all tastes and interests.

Many of these artists participate in other art shows in regimented booths, but in their own studios, they are much better able to offer demonstrations of their artistic practice.  You will be able to ask questions and gain a better understanding of their working methods.  The tour embraces several emerging artists showing their endeavors for the first time.

Some works are displayed in unusual locations, including a woolen mill, and garden centre.

A special opportunity this year will see Michael Reeves’ studio and cottage open as part of a year-long retrospective that will offer the rare chance to see works from the private collections of family and friends.  Additionally, a book will be launched ‘Persephone’s Eden’ that will be available for purchase at Lake Scugog Centre for the Arts.

Buying a piece from a local artist or artisan can establish a life long relationship.  Artworks are not just ‘things’….they are personal, individual creations often invested with hours and hours of labour and love.  Such acquisitions are much more meaningful than chain store purchases.

At each location on the tour, there is the opportunity to win a prize.  Don’t forget to pick up a ballot.

Why not fill up the car with a group of friends and take the Lake Scugog Studio Tour as an antidote to the winter blues? If you are unfamiliar with the geography you can pick up a tour map from, the Scugog Library, the Chamber of Commerce, Meta4 Gallery, Scugog Council for the Arts, or indeed at any of the locations.  It can also be viewed on the website where you will find a host of other useful information. Admission is free.

Caroline Williams


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