Chez Piggy

Chez Piggy has been a mainstay of Kingston’s buoyant restaurant scene for longer than most people can remember. Now affectionately ensconced in the public psyche as just “the Pig,” its mellow limestone walls and outdoor patio continue to provide a perfect place for romantic dinners, celebrations with family or a night out with friends.

Flavour profiles are inspired by exotic travels around the world, the menu touches down in Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, the Levant, South America and the Mediterranean. Old favourites are not neglected in pursuit of novelty however…a Sunday roast for all the family offers comfort food without any of the preparation or the clean up. If you just want a drink at the bar, cocktails are imaginative, creative and current.

Rachel Mathies is now the manager having worked her way up from a five-year stint at Pan Chancho, the nearby European style bakery and gourmet food shop, where all were impressed with her passion for food, wine and travel. Desiring to broaden her experience, Rachel took her skills and enthusiasm to other restaurants in Kingston. A couple of years later the owner of Chez Piggy, Zoe Yanovsky called and asked, “If she was ready to come home already?”

By then, she felt fully prepared to assume the position of assistant manager and quickly took over responsibilities for social media, which then developed to becoming the resident photographer. Our cover shot and the hummus image on this page are examples of Rachel’s photographic talents.


Our menus always have been sourced from local and sustainable producers and always will be. For example our fish dishes are Ocean Wise.”

Working at Chez Piggy is not like work it’s more like a family…everyone is very supportive.”


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