The Royal Hotel ...Coming soon

The Royal Hotel...a command performance? Patience, we are told, is a virtue and for the Royal Hotel, its owners, management, and staff, the patience manifested over five years of development is...

Mirazule ... The County's new Shangri La

Mirazule: The County’s New Shangri La? In unfamiliar territory my sat nav advises, “You have arrived,” but other than a 911 number, I do not see a sign, or anything much, except an unassuming rather...

What's in a Name ... Portàge

A brand new beverage doesn’t come around very often, especially one that is unique, delicious and has a great back story. Rarer still, and perhaps most importantly, a beverage that ties local...

Shane Goudreau - Reflections on Art and Life

“Right from the beginning, I always strived to capture everything I saw as completely as possible.” Norman Rockwell It is an artist’s calling to translate the greater truths of the outer world and...

Empire Cheese and the Making of the Cheese Course

My friend Kathy Guidi is a caseophile of renown. I know that sounds unsavory but take heart because if you are a connoisseur or lover of cheese, you are also a caseophile. With her thirty-five years of...


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