Picton Harbour Waterfront Development

Pathways wind though shady trees alive with birdsong. This is your gateway to idyllic relaxation and adventure. At Port Picton, an exhilarating day boating on the lake or romantic evening on the...

A Conversation with Carol Weir of Tugg’s Furniture, Cobourg

A hot and sunny day presented an ideal opportunity to shoot the front cover image in Tugg’s Furniture Store. Taking inspiration from the diet of operatic favourites on the stereo, by about three...

Alice Teichert: Connectivity in Isolation

Visitors to Alice Teichert’s Port Hope studio have a new hurdle to surmount in the form of a most attractive wrought iron gate originating from Roumania, but sourced somewhat more conveniently from...

Femmes Du Vin: Changing the Wine World

Not being a ‘journalist’, most of the stories I write are exactly that — stories and profiles of people and issues I find intriguing or important. This article ticks both those boxes and talks about one...

The King of Kale and the reinvention of Craft Food House

Craft Food house quickly established itself as one Cobourg’s favourite restaurants almost as soon as it opened three years ago. Even in normal times running a restaurant is not easy: the failure...


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