What factors should be considered when thinking about print advertising?  In a competitive field, how does one make the right choice?  The first question to ask is what is one really buying when one places a print ad? The answer is distribution within the chosen magazine's target demographic.  It follows therefore that distribution is the key to success. Some companies distribute with a man and a van and some use Canada Post.  Targeting a post code sounds impressive but is actually a blunt instrument as the post office cannot distinguish between the desirable and the less desirable within a given post code.

Grapevine Magazine distributes to the subscribers of the Globe & Mail targeting an affluent, culturally engaged and aware audience. This is a much more precise and effective distribution mechanism.  The remaining distribution is carried out by the owners of the company who are constantly patrolling their racks and stockists to ensure that Grapevine Magazine is available to all.

Print numbers is another factor to consider.  Grapevine Magazine prints five to ten thousand copies more than any of its main competitors and this means that the magazine is current for a longer period and that your ad has a better opportunity to be effective. Essentially more eyes achieves more sales.

Reader engagement is vitally important, there's little point having a magazine picked up if its fate is the recycling box shortly thereafter.  Each issue of Grapevine Magazine is eagerly awaited by an engaged audience, taken home and retained for long periods, if not indefinitely.  Each issue of Grapevine Magazine is packed with over thirty diverse on topic articles that take a good deal of time to read thoroughly. Grapevine Magazine is not padded out with unnecessary white space or unnecessarily large photographs.  Readers file away Grapevine Magazine for future reference because of the recipes. 

Grapevine Magazine is a winning combination of the best distribution, the best print run and the best content...quite simply your best choice for print advertising.




  • Class leading print run at 30,000 copies in high quality paper stock.

  • In-house distribution from Whitby to Kingston.  Additional distribution with the Globe and Mail takes your message to a wider than local audience.

  • Distinctive racks sport each new front cover encouraging highest pick up rate. Racks are regularly replensihed..

  • Instantly recognizable front cover features local businesses and contributes to a very high pick up rate.  A broad range of relevant on point content is widely appreciated by our target audience.

  • Our audience is economically active with eclectic cultural interests valuing the original, the unique and the one of a kind.

  • Grapevine Magazine promotes unique businesses to a wide audience looking for new destination and shopping experiences.

  • Grapevine Magazine is a small locally owned independent publication committed to promoting the attributes of the region we serve














Grapevine Magazine appeals to an educated, affluent, culturally engaged audience between the approximate ages of 30-65 who are attracted to "investment shopping" opportunities in original and unique retail environments.

Readers of Grapevine Magazine are interested in :

  • Art Galleries, museums, exhibitions and concerts

  • Attending theatrical productions and one of a kind shows

  • Dining out, entertaining at home, trends in food and drink

  • Visiting wineries and craft breweries

  • Checking out bookstores and festivals of all kinds



  • Distribution into the Globe and Mail presents advertising content to a discerning and discriminating audience attracted to investment shopping opportunities.

  • For free to pick up distribution, our distinctive racks identified with the front cover image (changed quarterly) attract attention and prove to be a highly successful mechanism for distribution to a discerning audience.

  • A very regular cycle of replenishment is in effect by our in-house team, and because we print more copies than our competition, Grapevine Magazine is available for a greater period of time to our advertisers’ benefit.



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Case Dea - 




  • Grapevine is a small, locally owned, independent publication committed to promoting the attributes of the region we serve. 

  • Our audience is economically active, with eclectic cultural interests, and values the original, the unique and the one of a kind.

  • Class leading print run at 30/35,000 copies. High quality paper stock.

  • Best distribution from Oshawa to Kingston, with regular top up deliveries by our in-house team.

  • Uniquely distributed with the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen, which takes your message to new markets. 

  • Targeting high income postal codes.

  • Instantly recognizable front cover featuring local restaurants, promoting the local economy, and guarantees a very high pick up rate.

  • Relevant on point content is widely appreciated by our target audience. 

  • Grapevine Magazine promotes unique businesses to a wide audience looking for new destination and investment shopping experiences.



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