Chatting about Art with Jim Turner of 2gallery

Chatting about Art with Jim Turner of 2gallery, Picton. 2gallery at 256 Main Street, Picton is the most recent entrant to The County’s flourishing, (pre-Covid), arts scene, opening in spring of last...

Waring House celebrates Twenty-Five Years

Waring House Celebrates a Quarter Century. In 1995 veterinarian Christopher Rogers went to the Picton RecPlex to play squash, and came home to his wife Norah with the idea of buying the Waring...

Anna Olson Belgian Beef Carbonnade

Belgian Beef Carbonnade The sauce for this Belgian version of a beef stew uses dark beer to add depth of flavour and prunes to add a subtle sweetness, but that’s not to say that a rich red wine...

A Passion for Appassimento

A Passion for Appassimento. Carlos Marques. In the hills of Valpolicella north of Verona in Italy, there is a method of wine making called Appassimento: the process involves drying the grapes for as...

Sitting Pretty on the Dock of the Bay?

Port Picton Waterfront Homes...Sitting Pretty on the Dock of the Bay? I met David Cleave in the building that I recall was formerly the splendid design showroom known as The Renovators and am...


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