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The Judgement of Kingston By the time you read this it'll all be said and done - the winners will have been announced and the Judgement will be over; I'm talking about the Judgement of Kingston that took place on November 5th, 2016. Before I get into the details, let’s take a quick look at the impetus of what precipitated this event: 40 years ago an English wine merchant living in Paris named Steven Spurrier decided to hold a competition between the fledgling wines of California and the powerhouse of the wine world, France.  He pitted California Chardonnay against the best of Burgundy and the
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Shape Matters Need to change your glasses? Wine glasses, that is. In a facetious moment I once wrote, ‘A great wine will taste good even out of a Wellington boot.’ Not that I ever put it to the test; but a whole industry has grown up to prove me wrong. Maybe not wrong, but misguided. Because the most renowned glass company in the world, Riedel (a business that dates back to 1756), has shown us that a wine tastes better from a glass designed to deliver it to certain parts of the palate.  And this means specific glasses for specific wines. The Robert Mondavi Winery was first out of the
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Maple in the County: the first harvest of the season
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