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Create the Kitchen of your Dreams

by Orbi Montblanc

From lambs to building projects, spring is associated with new beginnings. For those of our readers considering taking the plunge into a new kitchen, we at Grapevine magazine, thought we would pick the brains of our trusted kitchen companies, and offer a few pointers towards successful kitchen design.

Technological developments like quieter dishwashers and extractors, and changes in people's habits, have altered the perception of what kitchens can be. No longer, due to noise or odours, do they have to be hidden away; now, the kitchen can truly be the heart of the home.

Kitchens have moved to centre stage and even colonized the formal dining room, as they evolve into multi-purpose spaces where homework is done, mail is opened, television is watched and family and friends are entertained. In fact, just about anything can now happen in the kitchen, as well as the preparation of meals.

The key to a great kitchen is a great plan and this is why you should work with one of our group of experienced professionals, who have years of successful kitchen design and installation under their collective belts. A great plan is a combination of experience and imagination, followed by carefully taken, accurate measurements. A needs assessment is the next stage. The 5 "Ws" of what, where, when, who and why are part of the process to determine what we might call "practical" requirements (which might include some special needs in an aging population). Then, one would want to address "aesthetic" or stylistic considerations. In an older house, a startlingly modern "chrome and glass" kitchen can work exceptionally well. In a newer building, a retro design might be the right choice. It is the task of your chosen designer to provide you with all the options available and guide you to the best solution.

Good design is the balance of the technical and the emotional. A space can be beautiful, but impractical, or very functional, (like a commercial kitchen), but with little aesthetic merit. Your designer will assist you to find the right balance.

A home visit by the designer will lead to conceptual drawings from which point colour selection, counter materials, styles and finishes will fall into place. Budgets will have to be set, and even if your budget is less than ideal, a good installer can make an inexpensive kitchen look great, while a poor installation can ruin an expensive kitchen.

So, if you are in the market for a new kitchen this spring why not contact one of these reputable companies for their advice?

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